Friday, June 17, 2011

Pink Ornamental Banana

We saw this beautiful pink ornamental banana (musa ornata pink) growing in the over-grown garden of an abandoned house ... so we went in to harvest a couple of rhizomes. It was very difficult as the undergrowth was really thick and we had to bring a hoe and a garden saw! Still, it was worth it. We planted the rhizomes in a couple of pots first and when fully established, transferred them to the back of the garden against the fence. 

See one of the plants with the banana inflorescence. It was only about 120 cm tall.

The banana inflorescence grew pretty fast.

Just look at the beautiful opened banana inflorescence.


The growing bananas ....

Finally, the fully-formed pink bananas.

We heard that the pink bananas are edible but they did not looked very appetizing! So we waited to see what happened next ....

Indeed, the bananas are self-peeling. One day, the bananas just opened and they look like flowers and they are beautiful!!


By the later part of the day, the birds had finished off the fruits!

This plant certainly add colours and interests to the garden as well as providing food for the birds.

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