Thursday, July 21, 2011

Garden in Bloom

It has been a very busy last few weeks with visitors, seminars, business meetings and QC checks for compliance/certification of bakery diplomas courses. On top of that, our cat gave birth to three kittens, our serama hen just hatched five new chicks the sizes of small marbles and our dog got tick fever :-(

As for the five serama chicks, here they are when they are about 2 days old...

This is their lone two months old sibling from a previous batch.

This one is a beautiful pure creamy-white in colour but the new batch will certainly be coloured as can be seen from the dark markings on their feathers.

Meanwhile, the weather have been pretty kind - bright (albeit, hot) sunny days followed by downpours late afternoon or evening. The garden is doing well and looks and smells good. An evening  walk in the garden is a visual and aromatic delight and especially, due to the profusion of fragrant flowers, in particular, the "Queen of the Night" .....

The entire garden is strongly scented with a delightful fragrance. It is really fantastic!

Just look at some of the other beautiful flowers in bloom now ........


Great life in a beautiful garden :-)

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