Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our Trumpets

The trumpets referred to in the subject are not musical instruments but rather the Angel’s Trumpet (Datura Metel, 洋金花 , 曼陀). I always like this plant but have never planted it in the past as the plant requires open space and bright sunlight to do well. 

A year or so back, we managed to get a Double Purple Datura Metel and it was planted in the front garden.

Once the flower faded and dropped off, it leaves behind a spiky pad which soon develops into a spiky ball (like the durian), the size of which is slightly smaller than a golf ball.

When totally dried, the ball opens to reveal rows and rows of brown seeds.

On one of our morning walks around the neighbourhood, we found a Double White Angel’s Trumpet. The owner gave us some of the seeds and, in return, we gave him the seeds from our purple Angel’s Trumpet. The seeds soon germinated and we just had the first batch of white Angel’s Trumpet.

For households with small children in the family, the Angel’s Trumpet is NOT a suitable plant for your garden. All parts of this plant are extremely toxic and should not be ingested in any form. Ingestion of part of the plants can have severe side effects. 

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