Friday, June 1, 2012

My Family

I have written before that I am from a very large extended family and we are also a 5-generations family (五代同堂). In one line of my family, five females in the family represent 5 generations of the Phang (彭) Family in a direct line of descent. They are the 彭门女将 :-)

The oldest is my mum at 88 and the youngest is my great-grand niece at just 4 months old.

The great thing about an extended family is the family events. At my mum's last birthday do, just the immediate family occupy more than 40 tables, not including those who cannot make it to the celebration! During Lunar New Year, family members visiting the family matriarch have to visit in large groups at regularly spaced intervals to  allowed for standing/sitting room to be available and food and drinks  to be replenished! It is just great fun!

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