Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cape Jasmine

This plant is a long time favourite of the family - having seen this plant in our various family gardens since childhood days! This is the Cape Jasmine (Gardenia jasminoides).

At present, there are two bushes in the garden - the bigger bush is near the front of the main door - about one quarter along the walkway.

The other one is towards the back corner facing TK's bedroom.

The one in front is a new plant purchased from the Satok Weekend Market about a year ago. The one at the back has a long history - the original plant being in TK''s old house in Sibu. A cutting was taken years ago to our PJ garden. Ever since TK's mum got sick and then passed away, no one was in the old Sibu house to take care of the plants - sad to say, the old huge Cape Jasmine "tree" was attacked by termites and rotted away. One and a half years ago, a couple of cuttings were taken from the bush in the PJ garden and taken back to Kuching, Only one survived the journey and it seems to be healthy and thriving.

The bugs seem to love these plants and both plants have to be frequently sprayed with dried-chilli water to get rid of all the bugs that seems to prey on the plants!

The two plants bloom continuously producing displays of gorgeous white flowers putting out whiffs of sweet pleasant fragrance.

These two plants help make for a very pleasant evening or night time walk along the pathway!


  1. I love Gardenias! Used to have a few bushes in the
    garden of my old house. Now living in a condo, the plants get too big - so cannot grow them! :-(

  2. Ed, You should be able to grow it in a fair sized pot and still get a good bush with flowers.