Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Pink Lady Awakes

There is a pink flamingo in my garden ... of course, not the avian variety!! It is a member of the helliconia family, Heliconia chartacea, to be exact and also known locally as the Pink Lady. We do have many types of helliconias in the garden but this is certainly one of the prettiest heliconias and amongst my favourite flowers in all its different stages of growth for Sogetsu Ikebana.

An offset of the Pink Lady was taken from the garden of TK's 3rd brother, Hoo, in Miri about 18 months ago and it was planted at the end of the garden in the SW corner. It took some 16 months before it eventually settled down and finally woke up with two stalks of the classic pink lady flowers.

It is a beautiful plant but for some reasons, the leaves always look a disgrace! :-)

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