Monday, October 11, 2010


In June, we had our first harvest of figs from the lone fig tree in our garden but it was a small harvest. 

It's October now and the fig tree is now about 1.5 m (5') feet tall with two main branches fruiting quite heavily. There are some 50 fruits on these two branches which are ripening individually. The figs are of a fair size - mostly about 3 cm in diameter when ripened and very sweet.

So far, it is a battle between humans and birds for the figs. To date, it is 6:3 in favour of the humans. :-) I need to get some proper netting for this plant!


  1. Look like the warm weather is most agreeable with this fruit tree. In Melb, we get one crop per year. Mine is bearing fruit too. Quite a few, to my delight. It is of a bigger variety, and the skin remains green when ripe. Will take a cutting home in January.

    By the way, did Tiong Kui saw the wisteria seeds that I took home last year? Mine is flowering profusely, like bundles of grapes. Will send you a photo shortly. Thinking of getting one of these home too, there is an offshot somewhere.

    What about maple? I have a small one in the back garden too, do you and Tiong Kui want it?

    There are so many plants that I want to take home for you guys.

    Sui Tin

    Sui Tin

  2. TK does not remember the wisteria seed! We can try if you bring back the seeds/cuttings.

    Maple can only do bonsai - have to water with cold water for it to survive.

  3. saw this fig tree in Swiss and tried from nothing, didnt survive :(

  4. We had three cuttings - only this one survive.