Monday, November 1, 2010

Love in a Puff

This is  another of the plant with small nondescript flowers that I have in the garden and which I nurture for the beautiful triangular fruits that this plant produces. 


This is the Cardiospermum halicacabum and also known as Balloon vine or Love in a Puff or in Mandarin, 倒地鈴. Wilson ID this plant for me.

You can visualise the size of the flower from the small ant on the flower ...

As the fruits develop ....

It is a nice ornamental and decorative plant - with these  jade-green triangular-shaped puffs dangling all over the vines. I think this plant looks very attractive!

At maturity ... 

To see the arrangement of the seeds inside, just slice through the puff. You can see three segments with three hard black seeds.

Germinating from seeds takes a fairly long time - I just plant two or three seeds in small bags of compost, label them and then, other than watering them, just leave them alone until, one day, you see the new tiny shoots!

As the plants grows really wild - I have them in large pots in the garden. If you are ever along Jalan Angsana, Star Garden in Kuching, watch out for an lot of empty land where the entire fence/hedge is covered with this plant. Quite a sight!!

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