Thursday, December 16, 2010

Takakura Home Composting Part 1

On Tuesday 30th November, I went to the MBKS Auditorium to attend a talk on Takakura Home Composting (THC). The talk was given by Mr Hii Chang Kee, the Secretary of the SMC (Sibu Municipal Council). The SMC is at the forefront of adopting the THC Method and have been implementing his in Sibu for a number of years under the guidance of Japanese environmentalist, Mr Koji Takakura who pioneered this method in Surabaya, Indonesia.

I have been reading about the THC Method and have been interested in it. Now, armed with first-hand information on how to do it, decide to implement this method of composting. We have tried some home composting but the process is extremely slow and seems to takes months, if not years. Apparently, this THC method is very much faster and takes weeks only to do it properly.

To start off the process, I need to make the seed compost. In Sibu, the THC method is implemented at the Municipal, school and NGOs level - making the seed compost easily available to everyone. In Kuching, MBKS has yet to start off the process. So in Kuching, one have to make the seed compost. To make the seed compost, I started the following :

1. Sugar Fermentation Solution - water, brown sugar and tempe (or other fermented food like yogurt, taucheo). Ferment for 3-5 days until a fine layer of white mould can be seen on top.

2. Salt fermentation Solution - water, salt and fruit peels/vegetable scraps. Similarly, ferment for 3-5 days until a fine layer of white mould can be seen on top.

3. 60L Plastic basket/case with holes on the sides.

4. Rice bran and rice husk.

Items 1-3 are easily available but item 4 should be a headache for most people. Luckily some of my staff's families grow their own padi and have their padi milled at their kampong rice mills. So they were able to provide me with the bran and husks.

To be continued.

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