Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ramadan Buffet at the BCCK, Kuching

Again this year, our whole family went to the Ramadan Buffet at the BCCK, Kuching. 
It was excellent last year - especially their appetisers and desserts and so we were looking forward to the same again.
This year, the buffet was very good - some of the main courses are excellent like the roast whole lamb, baked mussels and the mee hoon (rice vermicelli) which was a bit like mee siam. The other main courses are staple good but general fare. However, as in the previous year, the appetizers and the desserts are outstanding and are my favorite sections.
As usual, we all overate as the spread was very good!
Did not take too many photos, mostly of the appetisers and dessert, we e-were too busy eating :-) I will have to post the images in batches....
If you can, do go. The venue is nice, the services good and the food excellent!

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