Monday, September 27, 2010

Back Garden

It is good to wake up and look into the pleasant greenery of the back garden to the sounds of chirping birds and the crowing male serama (local breed of bantam chickens). Just in front of the back bedroom windows is a walkway and alongside the walkway a row of flower bed. Beyond that is our back garden.

After nearly two years, our back garden is coming along nicely ... still maturing but looking good. It should look even better in a couple of years' time! The photographs were taken by TK from the back bedrooms' windows.  

The left of the garden....

The centre....

The right....

The back garden is split into two parts by a shallow open drain. The garden at the back beyond the drain have the trees while the section of the garden in front of the drain have  bushes with fragrant flowers. This stretch of the back garden forms the lower half of our L-shaped Fragrant Garden which continues on the the right hand side. A number of different species of birds are visitors to the garden and we also have a pair of serama there.

Just in case anyone think that we are in a very rural area; we are not. Our back bedrooms are pretty quiet as they are set some 60 m (200 feet) back from the front main gate which faces a reasonably busy (time-related) arterial road leading to a very busy main road - Green Road - with all the schools and shops.

It certainly feels very pleasant and relaxing there. 

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