Monday, January 24, 2011

11 days to Chinese (Lunar) New Year of the Rabbit or 4701

It is still 11 days to the Chinese (Lunar) New Year of the Rabbit and the feasting has already started :-) 

As in previous years, our non-Chinese friends and neighbours start to cook and send over the food. Yesterday, one of our Muslim Indian neighbour send over, as he had done for  decades,  various home-made dishes.

For this year ...

Briyani Rice .... chock full of vegetables and herbs. Our neighbour certainly cook the best briyani we have ever eaten in Malaysia or Singapore or elsewhere!).

Grilled Chicken drum sticks .. yummy!

This sour and spicy brinjal is another favourite of the family ... again, we have no eaten anything similar yet over the years to beat this dish!!

The nice cold cucumber side dish ....

Finally, the yummy sago and oatmeal dessert!!

A really great meal to start off the countdown to the Year of the Rabbit!

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