Sunday, January 30, 2011

3 days to Chinese (Lunar) New Year of the Rabbit or 4701

The family of my eldest sister specialises in making noodles and my three nephews all run their own noodle making businesses supplying fresh noodles to restaurants and noodle stalls in Kuching . They also supply (by air) to customers in West Malaysia and Singapore. My eldest brother-in-law was a chef before he became a noodle maker and he was a really good chef. His festival dinners were meals to look forward to! Since he passed away, three of his children have mastered their father's skills in cooking.

Our festival meal today meal was prepared by his third son - Fah.

To start off, we have the (five fragrances meat roll) ....

Next, we have chicken wings in a honey sauce. This is certainly one of my mum's favourite dish.

Then curry chicken ....

This next dish is my favourite - a thick slab of pork (back thigh meat - with a thick layer of fat) stewed with mushroom, cuttle fish, scallops and chestnuts. 

For soup, we have stuffed winter melon ....

Finally, fried fresh noodles - this noodle is specially hand-made with flour and eggs only. The egg noodle is much nicer than the normal noodle.


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