Thursday, January 20, 2011

Takakura Home Composting Part 3

To aerate the compost, I mixed the compost well and then even out the seed compost.

Add in the chopped and diced fruit peelings and vegetables.

The end-result should look like this.

I had earlier cut a couple of cardboard boxes to fit the top of the basket.

Then I covered the basket with a piece of thick cloth. A black piece of cloth was suggested but since I had an old towel, I used this instead. To keep out the light,  had earlier added cardboard lids which helped to keep the compost in the dark.

Twenty four hours later, on opening, you can see this .... the bacteria had been hard at work!

Just repeat the whole process every day. 

Take note that the compost should be slightly moist - not dry. If the compost feels too dry, spray some water into the compost and mix well befoe adding the next lot of chopped vegetables/fruits.

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  1. I am impressed with your passion to follow up on the THM composting by sharing the process from the start to the end product. From the pictures - you are on the near perfect track! Keep it up and do share with others in Kuching and be the ambassador of a Green Environment! Syabas!