Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chinese New Year - Fifteenth Day : 元宵节 (Yuan Xiao Jie)

Today is 元宵节 (Yuan Xiao Jie) - the Fifteenth Day of the Chinese New Year and is also known as the Lantern Festival. It is also the last day of the Chinese New Year celebrations

This morning, the family set up offerings to pray to our ancestors while in the evening, there will be a big family dinner.

However, for those young and unattached or unmarried, the evening is also for them to meet each other and possibly meet their future love or life partners. A lot of places organise evening riverside events where giggling females write their names and phone numbers on oranges to throw them into the rivers. Young men on boats will net them out for blind dates!

For the oldsters and the kids, it should be an evening of eating, fireworks and fire crackers!

Happy 元宵节 (Yuan Xiao Jie)!

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