Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Golden Penda

This is one tree that I always admire and the glory of them in full bloom can be seen in the little paved spacer at the end of Ban Hock Lane in Kuching between the Kuching Central Police Station and BSN. I used to stare in amazement at the trees covered with the golden flowers and it was a glorious sight! I have not been there recently to see the trees in bloom.

This tree is the Golden Penda  (Xanthostemon chrysanthus). We have one in our garden but not in the ground - rather in a large pot - which produces nice profusions of golden flowers every so often. We have not decided where to tranplant it in the garden! This plant is now in bloom.


This is one "must have" plant for any garden and if you have the space, plant it in the ground - it makes for a beautiful tree!

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