Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chinese New Year - Seventh Day - 人 日 or Birthday of Mankind

The Seventh Day of the Chinese New Year is 人 日 or the Birthday of Mankind. Traditional belief is that the Goddess 女娲 (Nüwa) during the first ten days of the New year made the on each succeeding day, the Chicken, Dog, Goat, Pig, Bull, Horse, Human, Grains, Heaven and Earth.

On this day, one of the dishes during lunch must be a single dish of seven types of vegetables ..... for our family, we celebrate with 七 樣 菜 茶 or seven types of vegetables and tea, the tea being our 客 家 擂 茶 (Hakka ground tea).

For lunch today we have  .....

Piping hot  客 家 擂 茶 (Hakka ground tea).

Steamed rice with fried garlic and oil.

Dish of 七 樣 菜 茶 or seven types of vegetables.

A platter of bean curd, dried turnips, Chinese leek and dried prawn.

A plate of 樹 菜 (Sauropus androgynus)。

Of course, last but not least,  the roasted peanuts, whole or ground as required.

A most satisfying and healthy meal to celebrate the Birthday of Mankind.

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