Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Glorious Rangoon Creeper

As mentioned before, the Rangoon Creeper (Quisqualis indica) is one of my favourite creeper for its showy flowers and subtle fragrance. This plant in our  garden certainly did not disappoint!


Don't you think you want one in your garden?  Find a sunny spot! If you have small garden as in our previous PJ home,  it does pretty well in a well drained pot.

Propagation is by cuttings - you need to use cuttings from firm new growths. Use a rooting powder and keep the cuttings out of the sun in a moist shady spot. Some people use bags to keep the cuttings misted.


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  1. HI Francis,

    You would not want to send this to MIN. She will freak out!!! But gosh really wild. Better spray some sulphur I am told to keep away snakes!!! As for your Garden the flowers are really lovely but I must boast of my Rangoon creeper too. It flowered really well and I have taken a picrure and put it on my blog....BUT of course you are a better photographer....now I know what you do in your spare time of which there must be lots.

    I love your ginger whatever?? But I dont know where to get it from.

    Happy Gardening!!