Tuesday, March 29, 2011

White Torch Ginger (Etlingera elatior)

Right next to our Red Torch Ginger (Etlingera elatior) is our White Torch Ginger (Etlingera elatior) and both plants look very similar. The plant was also from TK's brother, Hoo in Miri. 

Actually, we were not sure what type of ginger it was and it only started flowering recently (after some 2 years?). So it was a very pleasant surprise to see the flower buds coming up ... as we were told that it is rather rare.

It is a beautiful flower - snow white with a tinge of yellow at the base of the petals. 

If you have a large garden, even though both the red and white ginger flowers do take up a lot of space, they are both highly recommended for the corners at the end of the garden.

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  1. Hai do u sell seeds or rhizome? i wish to get some.i live in kuching.which part of city r u in?