Saturday, April 30, 2011

The War in the Garden ...

.. against the birds and insects :-)

We have a number of fruit trees in the garden. Some are still maturing but others are already fruiting. Each morning, it is a battle to get to the fruits first before the birds - like our mulberry and our figs. For the mulberry, it is quite difficult and we have to make sure we picked the fruits as they ripen as once ripened, the fruits do not stay long on the tree - the birds get to them fast. Our figs are different - they ripen over about 3 days. The birds start eating the fruits as soon as they are edible but we need them to be as ripe as possible to get the maximum sweetness. We tried covering with the soft net used for orchid sheds but it cuts down the sunlight too much, stunting growth. 

TK's sister told us of a fruit net available in Australia. As far as we are aware, we have not been able to get such nets in Kuching. When TK went to Melbourne in March, he carted back two such nets and we put one around our fig tree.

Well, the net is doing it's job. The birds cannot get in and we can let the figs ripened properly. We have already harvested a number of the naturally-ripened figs and they are PERFECT!!!

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