Friday, May 6, 2011

Garlic Vine (Pseudocalyma alliaceum)

Another sturdy flowering climber in our creeper garden is the Garlic Vine (Pseudocalyma alliaceum). This plant is a favourite of TK and I think he got it from his second sister, Chuo. It is a dazzling vine when in full bloom with bunches of purple-white flowers. It also  has a pleasant garlic-like smell.


They are gorgeous, are they not? If you have the space, it is a must-have plant - very easy to maintain and flowers consistently. However, when all the flowers withered, it leaves an unsightly mess which must be cleared immediately!

Apparently, the garlic vine is used in cooking for its garlic-like smell, in traditional herbal medicines for a variety number of ailments and to keep snakes away from the garden. I really have no idea as to the culinary, medical or practical efficacy of this plant!.


  1. Friend I like your garlic vine. I must go look for it. Its beautiful!!!

  2. You should! it is easy to grow and maintain!

  3. Hello, does this vine flower year-round? If not, what months of the year does it bloom?