Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bananas ...

A while back, TK's second sister-in-law gave us two offshoots from her banana grove in her garden. She told us that the banana plant is of the dwarf variety and fruits well. The two offshoots were planted right at the back of the garden next to the chicken hut and our local guava tree.

The banana plant grow to about 2 metres and then produce the inflorescence.

The unopened banana inflorescence.
The banana inflorescence, now, partially opened.

Partially opened with fruits.
Just look at the amazing symmetry of the bunch of bananas!

The bananas looks like they are of the the dwarf cavendish variety.

First sign of the ripening fruits ....
The bunch of the bananas was cut down and the harvest was a grand total of 84 bananas with a total weight of 17 kg.

The naturally ripened bananas are very sweet but ripens pretty fast. There is no way we can finish them so we gave most of them to my younger brother. At least he got lots of employees at the shops to eat them!


  1. Your banana pictures are awesome!! ( sounds very rude doesnt it???)Really shows you are in retirement taking pictures and all. How long did this entire process take???

  2. A couple of months :-) I just go round the garden taking pictures nearly every day and then compiled them into a set!

  3. can ripen banana be cut to eat first and the rest just leave on the tree till they are really to cut instead of cutting them when still green. Tree/vine ripening fruits have phyto-chemicals which not found in fruits harvested when green or premature