Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day but we celebrated the event earlier as there are the expected big crowds at restaurants today and my brother is also away this weekend on a business trip. So, last Saturday, we all trotted off to BIG OVEN, just off Jalan Zainal Adruce (Kereta Api), which served western cuisine.

This is mum. 

She is 86, hale and hearty with very good appetite. She loves eating and enjoys most cuisines. At home, we mostly restrict her to fish, fruits and vegetables. However, when eating out, beside Chinese dishes, she loves eating at Italian restaurants (especially meals with vegeroni spiral pasta and pizzas) and all fast food chain restaurants (you can name any one!! ).

At the Big Oven that evening, she had bruschetta and calamari followed by braised cod with a tomato-based sauce, on a bed of mashed potatoes with salad. The meal ended with a slice of the cheese cake.

A very enjoyable meal for her:-)

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