Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bauhina Kockina

The third sturdy flowering climber in our creeper garden is the Bauhina Kockina. This plant is certainly my favourite climber and in our old PJ garden was the climber at the main piller of our front porch. Our plant in the creeper garden is about a year old.

It takes a while to get established and may not flower for years but once it starts flowering will produce year-round a profusion of bright orange flowers. So I was quite surprised to see the first few flower buds appearing after just a year or so .....

One of our neighbouring gardens has a very old bush ...... just look at the amazing flowers! It covers the entire side of one house and looking at the main trunk, reckon it has to be at least a couple of decades old.

Don't you think it looks amazing?

Talking about that PJ plant, it did not flower at all for more than two years despite the vine being a inch or more thick! I was so frustrated that I "threatened" the plant that I would cut it down a few months later if it did not produce any flowers ...and lo and behold - flowers :-) To this day, TK said t that it was just plain coincidence! 

Sadly, after we sold the house in PJ, the new owner dug up the front and back garden and concreted over the entire area - our 20 years of hard work demolished in a few days!

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