Monday, September 12, 2011

Mid-Autumn Festival - 中秋节

Today is the 15th Day of the Eight Moon and is 中秋节or Mid-Autumn Festival. 

In the past, the family sat down to a sumptious dinner and then all adjourned to the flat roof-top of our old house to worship the Moon Goddess .....

Then all drank tea and ate melon seeds and mooncakes while the children carried Chinese lanterns.

Nowadays, it is just dinner and then off to the garden to play fireworks or send off  Chinese flying lanterns (孔明燈, kongmingdeng).

Of course,  the Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节) is still mostly about family gatherings and eating mooncakes. When it cmes to mooncakes, there are now huge varieties of mookcakes in all flavours, shapes and hues. Following are some varieties we have at from families and friends!

 Green Tea 禄茶
Teochew 潮州
  Baked 烤
  Shanghai 上海
 Snowskin 冰皮
Soya Bean Paste 豆沙
White Paste 白糕
 Air-Dried 风
Soft 软糕

Whichever mooncake you enjoy, just remember one of the stories behind this festive tradition - STAND UP TO OPPRESSION.

Happy Mid-Autum Festival! Enjoy your mooncakes!

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