Sunday, September 11, 2011

Family Wedding

Today is the 14th day of the Eighth Moon and there is a wedding in the family. 

The first male of the 30th Generation (三十世) of our branch of the Peng (彭) Family getting married today is the grandson of my third brother.

In the front hall is the altar for the Peng (彭) Family Ancestral Worship Ceremony. The Peng (彭) family is part of the LungSiTang (隴西堂)Clan. Hence, the heading on the altar.

The young couple performing the offering of tea and wine to their ancestors - conducted by the Master of Ceremonies.

This is followed by the traditional tea ceremony where the newly-wedded couple offers tea to all their elders.

My mum, the matriach of the family, as the great-grandmother is the first to be greeted. She accepted the offered tea from her great-grandson and great-grand daughter-in-law and then gave them a red packet in return.

Each of the elders take their turns and finally the newly wedded couple got to sit down to accept tea offered by their younger siblings, cousins and nephews and nieces. The new couple then give each of them a red packet of money.

The ceremony is then followed by lunch in the house.

My mum posing for a picture with my second sister on this happy occasion.........

Both are hale and healthy!

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