Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Festive Fare for Winter Solstice 冬至

The 冬至 (Winter Solstice, Dōngzhì Festival) festival is on the 22nd of December (农历十一二十八)and as for each of the festival days in the Lunar Year, my nephew, Fah, who is the third son of my eldest sister, will send over festival food a few days earlier for my mum in a 4-tier tiffin carrier and a big bowl of fried noodles.

The Lee (李) family of my eldest sister is a family of chefs but in their businesses, they specialise in making fresh hand-made noodles and have three companies supplying the bulk of the fresh noodles used in Kuching. They also export to Kuala Lumpur, Johore and Singapore. For family festive occasions, they will make and cook special noodles for the celebrations. I love their duck eggs noodle specially made for the Lunar New Year!

Back to the food for the 冬至 (Winter Solstice) festival......see the spread of three meat, one soup and one noodle dishes.

Fried egg noodles (炒全蛋面) using their specially-made all-eggs noodles.

Curry Chicken (加里鸡) 

Deep-fried shaomai (烧卖)

Stewed Duck in Sweet Sauce (甜卤鸭)

Seafood And Meatball Soup (海鲜肉圆汤)

The menu varies from festival to festival but the noodle dish is always part of the menu. Yummy!

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