Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Queen of Fruits (果后)

The Sarawak fruits season is here again. After the huge deluge of the King of Fruits (durian), the Queen of Fruits (果后) can now be seen everywhere and we are all spoilt for choice! 

Indeed, it is one of my favourite fruits - the mangosteen (山竹).

They are arriving by the lorry loads from various parts of Sarawak and from Kalimantan in Indonesia. The local Sarawak mangosteen is slightly different from that of Indonesia in that the local fruit is more fragrant.

Just look at the delectable snow white flesh of the mangosteen! It is as sweet as honey!

One interesting bit of information courtesy of my brother, Khiong .... just take a look at the base of the mangosteen.

See the remains of the style? See the six or seven petals? I was told that there are also those with five petals but I cannot find one in my batch of mangosteen. 

So what is so interesting about them?

Take a look at the photograph below ....

Well, the number of petals seen in the style indicates the number of segments of the fruits inside.

Enjoy eating the Queen of Fruits!

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