Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gift of Indian Muslim Dinner for Lunar New Year

Ever since my late father started his business in India Street, Kuching, just after WWII, our Indian Muslim neighbours and friends would prepare full set of dishes for dinner and sent them over to us to enjoy as their Lunar New year gifts to our family.

This year is no exception and the first meal arrived last Sunday (8th of January) prepared by our Indian Muslim neighbour from across the street. They are dealers in textiles.

The dinner ......

Mouth-watering spicy  rice with lots of vegetables like chunks of potatoes, cauliflower, french beans, etc ....

Fragrant and tender dry curried lamb on the bone ... lots of serai makes this a lovely dish!

My favourite dish each and every year .... they know we all love this dish and always include this in the menu. Yup, brinjal in a spicy sauce with lots of whole garlic, cinnamon and pandan leaves! Really yummy!

Dessert is this sweet milk-based  sago, sultana and almond dish .....

All of us had a great dinner :-)


  1. Where in India St did your dad have his business ?

  2. The location is now a bakery ingredients supplier.

  3. Formerly known as Joo Chan?

    1. No. The former Joo Chan is two shops away. Now, the shop is a bakery ingredients supplier.