Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lunar New Year Waxed Duck

Every year as the Lunar new year approaches, we will receive or buy various traditional food items; one of which is the sweet waxed duck (甜腊鸭). 

Note the SWEET (甜) part. Our family does not eat much of the salted waxed duck (腊鸭). Another tradition that is probably unique to our family is that we do not eat the sweet waxed duck in any of our new year meals but during the pre and post new year periods as a "追饭" dish (rice-chaser dish).

How do we eat the sweet waxed duck? Well, here is how. 

Two main ingredients, the sweet waxed duck and the red leeks (红蒜)with one or two teaspoons of light soya sauce. 

Mince the duck and the leek into small pieces. The duck may be difficult to mince so I use a pair of sharp kitchen scissors to cut the meat into small pieces.


First, lightly fried the duck over a very low fire as the duck can char pretty fast! No need to add any oil as the duck was preserved in oil . Remove the meat and retain the oil in the pan. Use the oil to fry the red leek at low heat until soft and fragrant. Add the duck back to the leek and mix well. Add some light soya bean sauce. Stir well and transfer to the serving dish.

Well, that is our family's favourite "追饭" dish (rice-chaser dish). Yummy!

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  1. This recipe is new to me. I must try one day :-D Thanks!