Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mushroom for Chinese New Year

A MUST item for the Chinese New Year menu is mushroom - whether dried, canned or fresh. 

This year a new type of fresh mushroom from China hits town. This particular mushroom was introduced many years back but always in canned form. This year, it is available fresh. I remember many many years ago in Petaling Jaya when TK and I ordered a dish of jialan (伽蓝菜, a type of green leafy vegetables)  and bailing mushroom (白灵菇). When the dish was served, we were shocked to see the kailan interlaced with slices and slices of abalone! We were shocked at the seemingly VERY expensive dish and asked the Captain. He told us that the white slices that looked likes sliced abalone were actually the bailing mushroom (白灵菇) . We sighed with relief :-)

Here is the Bailing Mushroom (白灵菇) .... larger than the size of my palm.

Sliced bailing mushroom ...

Steamed, stir-fried or in steamboat, it looks like sliced abalone and is really delicious. Yummy!

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