Friday, March 30, 2012

Hot Chillis to Kill Your Taste Buds!

We love eating spicy food at home but we do draw the line at the really hot pepper chilli sold fresh in the local market. The Scoville scale for these chillis is on the high side! Of course that does not mean we cannot grow them in the garden ......

We grew this bell-like chilli pepper which is a rather big bush some 2 metres tall. It is very susceptible to cottonwool or mealy bugs :-( So, regular spraying with soapy water  and strong blast of water had too be done.

The bush is full of these hanging bells....

It is a beautiful orange red colour when ripened ....

A couple of slivers of this in the sauce is enough to kill your taste buds for the day ... :-)

We just harvest them and send them to the shop where our staff loves them :-)


  1. There is another bell-shaped chilli. Never tried it, so degree of hotness is ......!! Maybe I can pluck one from over the fence when I go home in sept.

    Sui Tin

  2. Try it and let us know ... :-)