Monday, March 5, 2012

Full Month 满月 Celebrations

Our family's first fifth generation child celebrated her first full month (满月) and last Friday (2nd March), the happy grandfather delivered a gift of celebration food to my mother. The happy great-great-grandmother (高祖母) was grinning from year to year and happily gave a big red packet of money (红包) for the child.

True to our Hakka  (客家) family tradition, the gift of food was very simple but very symbolic.......

Two hard boiled eggs dyed red with a large bowl of kacangma (假青麻) chicken in rice wine.

Kacangma (假青麻)is actually a Chinese herb called 益母草 or motherwort (Leonurus artemisia (Laur.)). 

The herb cooked with chicken and white rice wine is a delicious  must-have dish in Hakka  (客家) families for all mothers during their 30-day confinement period after the delivery of a baby.

Now, this traditional Hakka (客家) confinement dish is very popular in Sarawak and sold in many eateries and food courts. One needs not be a new mother to enjoy this dish!


  1. You seem to not have much news on your blog. Nothing happening in your Garden?


  2. Have quite a bit to post on the garden but trying to find time balancing garden, family (especially mum) and the business :-)