Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mango, Kuini and Figs

The garden is not all flowers and we do have some interesting fruit trees.

Amongst them is a mango tree, now about 12 feet tall. The original mango tree, which is in our Petaling Jaya garden, produces smooth creamy sweet mangoes. The problems then were that we had to fight with the birds, bats and squirrels for the fruits!!! :-)

There is also a 5-feet kuini tree (local variety of mango, Mangifera odorata). The seedling is from the garden of my parent's old house, now shuttered up, about 2 km from my present place. I still go back to the old house during the fruiting season to check and to collect the kuinis. Last season, the tree produced more than 500 delicious fruits, some of which are up to 1 kg in weight!!

There is also a fig tree - the original cutting being from Australia, courtesy of Sui Tin in Melbourne. We have just transplanted the plant to the ground. Even though it was in a pot (about 25 cm diameter ), it has grown to about one metre tall and has been producing some nice figs, some of which are the size of a 50 sen coin.

The pot was in a shady part of the garden between the kitchen and the 2nd Apartment. There is an access door from the main living room. This part of the garden is intended for a future Japanese garden - not fully conceptualized yet. I will talk more about the layout of the house and garden in a future post.

Here are some pictures of the fruit - some of which are the size of a Malaysian 50-sen coin.

Fresh sweet figs for the table :-)

I will get back, at another time, to our other fruit trees, some of which are not normally found in a Malaysian garden.


  1. Nice to see a 'go green' badge at the site. a perfect green consciousness calls for planting native trees and not exotic ones. Can't we find Bornean species to plant in the Gardens of sarawak? why should we popularise exotic ones when they contribute little to the local ecosystem?

  2. hi, u like to sell the cutting of your fig sir?pls emeil emeil

  3. I grow one fig tree in M'sia... the fruit drop when it's about 10 cents size.. :(