Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pyramid Chilli

The chilli pepper is ubiquitous in Asian cuisines - from the mild to the fiery hot. It is to be found in most gardens and our garden is no exception with seven different types of chilli pepper plants! Some of the chilli pepper plants are from seeds thrown out with the water into the garden and which sprouted into bushes producing bunches of large fat chillis.

However, chillis are also great ornamental plants and bring much needed colour to the green vegetable patches. One great ornamental chilli plant is the pyramid chilli. As a spice, it is very fragrant and fiery hot. Great for those who loves fiery hot dips but a bit too hot for me!

The chilli fruits started off purple and then slowly ripened through the following colours - purplish-white, greenish-white, white, creamy, orangey-white, orange and finally, bright red. All the different coloured fruits can be seen at the same time on the same plant

The multi-coloured pyramid chillis. Don't they look great?

A harvest of the Pyramid Chillis.


  1. Hi Bushido,

    Indeed they are - one half without the seeds in a dish is really spicy. there is another type, bell-shaped, that I am growing- I think is even more higher up in the Scoville heat scale!

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