Sunday, June 20, 2010

Satok Weekend Market

Most Saturdays late afternoon will see us going to the Satok Weekend Market - prices are not that special but there is an amazing variety of food, flowers, fruits, vegetables and jungle products for sale. Yesterday was no exception and this week I want to highlight one interesting fruit .... the "jering".

The Jering fruit is pithecolobium lobatum and also known as the djenkol bean. It is used in cooking mostly for it's flavour and taste, eaten with belacan sambal or with grated coconut.

Frankly speaking, it is a foul tasting bean - as it contains djenkolic acid which is a sulphur‐containing amino acid. Beware of it as it is a derivative of cysteine, and is normally metabolized but, being relatively insoluble, any that is not metabolized crystallizes in the kidney tubules causing renal stones.

This fruit rank up there with the petai as my least appetizing "vegetables" :-) though I know many aficionados of both will throw daggers at me!

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