Saturday, June 26, 2010

An Unknown

You all know we like fragrant flowers but we also like strange-looking flowers like the Hedgehog/Parrot's Beak or flowers that just look interesting!

Well, here is one of the beautiful interesting ones in the garden. No idea as to the name as I have not come across it in any references.This plant, with broad green leaves, has very attractive fan-shaped clusters of yellow/white flowers though no fragrance. They do look like arrowheads and that is what we called the flowers!

The flower buds are yellow five-sided pyramids while the opened flowers have five yellow petals folded back with a white five-sided pyramid in the centre. The pyramids have a brown star at the tips.

It is a rather slow grower, though we have seen bigger plants elsewhere. After one and a half years, it is till only about 30 cm tall though it regularly produce single clusters of flowers.

Anyone with any idea what this plant is?


  1. This could be from a family called hoya. I have seen similar flower in nurseries in Melbourne. But can't confirm as I can't remember what the leaves of your posted plant looks like from my last visit to Kuching.

    Sui Tin

  2. hoya multiflora, shooting star hoya from

  3. Sui Tin,

    Thanks for the identification!! The flowers do not look or feel waxy which is why I never thought of the hoya family.