Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fijian Longan / Kasai

My nephew, Chong, gave me a bag of this fruit which I have seen at Satok market before. We bought some then but it did not taste very nice - possibly not fully ripened. So I was a bit wary but my nephew told me that they are really sweet - the fruit is marketed as Australian Longans but it is actually Fijian Longan (Pometia pinnata) and known locally as kasai. Apparently, Fijian longan is a fast growing tree reaching a height of 60-90 feet (18-27 m). So it is certainly not a tree for the home garden!


The shell  is pretty tough and needs  to be cracked with a pestle or small hammer.

The fruits do look like longan and they taste like longan - sweet though not as sweet or as juicy as longan. It is a nice fruit and we polished off the whole bag in a few minutes :-)

The pictures did not come out very nice but no re-takes of the fruits as we have finished off the lot! :-)

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