Saturday, August 14, 2010

The last two weeks...

We had a group of visitors, Mdm Harmit Kaur and family from Subang Jaya last week and we spend a lot of time catching as we have not seen each other for over two years. It also means lots of food :-)

The sky opened today after a week of sweltering heat that made it a chore rather than a joy to work in the garden and the plants and house animals suffered from the heat. On top of that,  I had a miserable week suffering from tonsilitis on one side of my throat :-(

Still, it was not a fruitless week as we finalise the plans for the rows of belian staking along the west wall of the house - the plan is for a wall of flowering creepers.

In addition to that, after searching for the last year, we finally found a supplier of garden sheds fabricated in Australia. The storage shed is of aluminum and 8' wide by 4' deep with two sliding doors and will be used to store garden tools and other paraphernalia.. There is a bigger one at the same price but we need to find one that can fit onto the concrete patch at the back of the garden!

To accommodate the shed, we have to move the dog kennel to the front and the cats and the serama chickens to the side of the garden. They will be installing the shed tomorrow.

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