Sunday, August 15, 2010

Garden Shed

Finally, managed to get our new garden shed installed after a long search for a local supplier! The aluminum shed was fabricated in Australian and sold as a kit but inclusive of installation by the Kuching supplier.

It is a small unit - 4' by 8' - but more than sufficient as we intended to store only garden tools, spare flower pots, fertiliser and some bags of soil. The double sliding doors make for easy access to the shed.

We wanted this unit as the roof slopes backward and the run-off goes directly into drain at the back.

My younger brother, who runs a bakery ingredients supply business for the hotel, retail and wholesale sectors, provides two industry-strength plastic pallets from the warehouse which fit snugly into the shed - much to our delight.

The garden shed is in business though we still have to add some paving slabs along the front of the shed for easy and safe access.

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  1. I'm searching for this shed in Kuching-may I know which supplier in Kuching?